Direct West Oil & Gas Limited Line Cutting

Direct West Oil & Gas Limited Line Cutting,

DWOG makes hydrostatic tracked vehicles, as brushcutters for heavy brush, and as carriers for geo-technical studies, drilling, and building and maintaining rights-of-way of pipe and electric power lines. Direct West Oil & Gas Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of tracked, tree mulching machines used in all types of land clearing and maintenance. Applications include forestry, site prep, pipelines, power lines, roads, highways, railroads, fence and survey lines, seismic survey lines, hunting and shooting lanes, and much more. Direct West Oil & Gas Limited produces the world’s most efficient mulchers, doing more work for less horsepower, less weight and less fuel than any competitor, earning the the right to be called ‘Lean, Green Mulching Machines’


Sugumar Subramanian


201-7010 101 AVE NW,


T6A 0H7.

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