Jilin Oil Field

Jilin Oilfield is located in Songyuan district, in the western plain of Jilin province, China. Its exploration and development cover the southern Songliao basin and Yitong basin within Jilin province.

Its exploration begun in 1955. Since the discovery of its first oilfield – Fuyu oilfield in September 1959 – over 25 oilfields have been developed, such as Fuyu, Mutou, Xinmin, Xinmiao, Xinli, Xinbei, Qianan, Dalaoyefu, Shuangtuozi, Yikeshu, Sifangtuozi, Yingtai, Honggang, Daan, Daanbei, Liangjia, Haituozi, Dafangshen, Sijiazi, Buhai, and Changchunmoliqing and others. Two of these – Fuyu and Xinmin – have reserves over 100 million tons.

In Jilin oilfield, an oil bearing area of 1384.3 km2 has been proven with oil reserves of tons, and a gas-bearing area of 118.9 km2 with proven gas reserves exceeding 50 billion cubic meters.

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