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Dear Member’s

For the past few years, Precision Petroleum (OTCBB: PPTO) has been quietly acquiring oil, coal and gas properties right here in America and working to increase production and drill new wells. To date, PPTO has 13 producing wells with plans to drill 10 more plus thousands of acres in Oklahoma and Montana more to explore.

For over 35 years CEO Richard Porterfield has worked in the oil and gas industry locating and extracting oil and making the companies he worked for and their shareholders money. Now he’s on his own and making it for the shareholders of PPTO. He’s already reduced debt and started increasing production. America’s future lies in domestic production and PPTO is on the move… so build a seed position today then sit back and watch PPTO reap the profits in America’s Black Gold.

Richard Porterfield, CEO and President of Precision Petroleum believes that future revenues continue to increase as above and management foresees further reductions of operating costs and continue to rework existing wells and acquiring new acquisition in order to continue the growth of the company. Press Release Source: Precision Petroleum Corporation On Wednesday March 2, 2011

The stock has been under pressure for the last few weeks but never broke its 200sma at $0.04. All the selling has been on low volume. We believe a major bounce from these levels are in the making.

We have notice heavy buzz from Chat Rooms, Message Boards, and Microcap Community Insiders that the company will be announcing big news in the coming week. 
Now is the time to get in before the street!