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Company Overview

Mr. Sol Algranti is the founder, president and CEO of NorthBridge Consulting Services. Sol has 20 years of experience with the SR&ED program.

It began back when Sol owned several manufacturing companies for whom he handled the SR&ED claims himself. As he quickly became experienced and more knowledgeable, others in the industry would ask Sol for his help in filing their claims.

Eventually the demand for consulting and advice with SR&ED from Sol reached the point where he had to hire someone else to work with him, giving him the idea to create the group of consulting experts that is now NorthBridge.

This history in manufacturing and thorough involvement in filing for SR&ED in virtually all industry sectors is the cornerstone of the extensive services that NorthBridge has to offer.

The highly motivated team at NorthBridge includes Vice President James Ro, and a group of licensed engineers and technical staff that bring extensive industry knowledge and experience to the table when consulting with clients. They are skilled experts when it comes to identifying each and every qualifying SR&ED project. We also have a Business Development team, that focuses on building relationships with our client base, through our monthly newsletter, breakfast seminars, and other endeavors.

NorthBridge Consulting Services goes the extra mile – and then some – to work with you to absolutely maximize your return. From consultation to document preparation, to defense of the claim to the CRA and training your employees on SR&ED, we are there with you.

Year after year, our clients repeatedly see great success and receive substantial returns and tax credits that promote continuous growth of their businesses.

The process is entirely risk free, and the hardest parts are taken care of for you.


Fast Facts

  • Full service SR&ED consulting firm with twenty years of experience.
  • NorthBridge currently submits hundreds of claims annually.
  • Our team consists of thirty full-time technical and financial staff.
  • Our portfolios include clients from across Canada, in every industry.
  • NorthBridge is partnered with respected manufacturing associations, accounting firms, and industry experts.

SR&ED Services

NorthBridge Consulting Services are full-service SR&EDconsulting experts, with hundreds of clients and a proven track record of successfully claiming SR&ED when clients thought none existed. We maximize claims for our clients through our complete range of services.

What sets NorthBridge Consulting Services apart?

NorthBridge Consulting Services’ first priority is making sure that you reach your goals. We want to be there with you when you have accomplished these goals, and to know that we helped you to achieve them. Working with you through every step of the SR&ED process, from the initial consultation, to the preparation of the claim, to preparing for and defending the claim – we are there with you for it all.

During the SR&ED process, NorthBridge guarantees that you will receive:

  • A free consultation with project identification
  • Provision of an engineering account manager who is an SR&ED claims expert in your field
  • Detailed analysis of SR&ED eligible work and expenses
  • Identification and development of all eligible projects and processes
  • Consultation, analysis, advice, and assistance in the preparation of the necessary financial and technical documents needed to process a claim
  • Referral of accountant services to expedite the filing of the T661 form (if needed)
  • Full, continuous guidance with supporting documentation preparation
  • Pre-filing screening for your claim
  • Pre-review by our engineers to manage expectations and be fully prepared during the actual review
  • Full support and physical presence during Financial and/or Technical review
  • Development of new ways to track and record your SR&ED processes
  • Establish a structure for R&D tracking in the future
  • Training of your employees in the SR&ED process
  • Ongoing support and consultation

We maximize your claim

NorthBridge Consulting Services works with you to capture all of your possible SR&ED costs, leaving nothing on the table.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to determine if your current and past expenses qualify for the SR&ED incentive program.

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US CRUDE – Safety, Division Two

Drilling Division ,

Administrator: Dean Stratton, CEO
Tel: +1-778-412-7975,

P r o v i d i n g s a f e t y s o l u t i o n s w o r l d w i d e

Kee Safety, Inc.
100 Stradtman Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
Tel: (716) 896 4949
Fax: (716) 896 5696
Toll Free: (800) 851 5181

Kee Safety, Ltd.
219 Connie Crescent, Unit 9
Concord, Ontario L4K 1L4
Tel: (905) 669 1494
Fax: (905) 669 4347
Toll Free: (877) 505 5003

Kee Safety, Inc. is a leading global supplier of components and custom systems for railings, barriers, roof edge
protection, and fall prevention. Kee Safety, Inc. offers a full range of solutions for building tubular structures,
easy clamping of steel to steel, and OSHA compliant Fall Protection. Since 1934, Kee Klamp components have
supplied the world with reliable iron fittings that connect pipe to form structures such as safety railings, racking,
retail displays and much more.
Beam Clamp products offer an engineered clamping system for connecting structural steel. Box
Bolt products offer beam, cavity, and floor connection solutions. Kee Klamp and the lightweight,
aluminum Kee Lite product offer an extensive range of components which can be used to develop
custom applications. Kee Safety also offers a full range of OSHA compliant Fall Protection products
for rooftop and roof edge fall protection.
Kee Safety, Inc. is able to offer a complete design and installation service to give customers the
most cost effective solutions to their needs and ensure all applications conform to relevant standards.

Structural Steel Connections

strong, durable steelwork connections
easily installed from
the topside only and removable
for maintenance and flexibility

Flexible Steelwork Connection Solutions
• Connect new to existing steel without welding or drilling
• All loads guaranteed
• Versatile grating clip solutions
• No special tools required
fully tested and approved blind
connection solution for connecting
to hollow section steelwork
and general steelwork
The Approved Blind Steelwork Fixing
• A unique expansion anchor for steel
• Installs with one-side access
• Guaranteed safe working loads
• 5:1 Factor of Safety.

Safety Barrier Solutions
durable, galvanized finish. requires
no threading, welding, or
bolting to create pipe structures
Galvanized Components
• Strong and durable
• Eliminates expensive fabrication
• Ease in Design and Installation
high-grade aluminum silicon
magnesium alloy provide
lightweight, corrosion resistant
Aluminum Components
• Lightweight and versatile
• High corrosion resistance
• Sleek, professional design
barrier railing system designed
to meet ADA (Americans with
Disabilities Act) requirements

ADA Components
• Conforms to ADA standards
• Galvanized components can be powder
coated any RAL color
• Easily assembled without specialized
workers or equipment.

Collective Fall Protection Solutions
• No penetration of the roof membrane
• Independently tested, meets or exceeds safety standards
• No welding, bending, or threading of pipe
• Galvanized finishes make installations virtually maintenance free
permanent, free standing
roof edge railing system that
does not penetrate the roof
portable, free standing roof
egde railing system that
does not penetrate the roof
screens for curb style, standing
seam, and rib/corrugated metal
roof skylights
modular demarcation system
perfect for temporary needs
and quick setups
safey barrier system for safe
egress and ingress through
hatches in roofs or floors
skylight guard rail system,
fits skylights, roof lights, and
dome lights with curbs.

Personal Fall Protection Solutions
• No penetration of the roof membrane
• Independently tested, meets or exceeds safety standards
• No welding, bending, or threading of pipe
• Galvanized finishes make installations virtually maintenance free
anchor device system to
support horizontal flexible
safety line
non-penetrating mobile deadweight
anchor system
wire based personal system
for roof installation or horizontal/
overhead applications
modular anti-slip, level walking
surface for flat, barrel and
sloping roofs.

CHN CRUDE – Drilling

Drilling Division ,

Administrator: Dean Stratton, CEO
Tel: +1-778-412-7975,

Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd.
E-mail:  /
Head Office
WhatsApp:  +86 15831709965
Tel: +86-317-3212998
Add: No. 2, Jianshe North Street, Yingzhou Economic Development Zone, Hejian City, Hebei Province, China
Post Code: 062450

Junziguan Industry Zone, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China


Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd. specializes in drill bits,drill pipe,Mud pump and stabilizers for water well, oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation work all over the world. Our purpose is to sell the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.

We  have been serving the drilling industry since 1985 ,we provide clients with quality drill bits ,drill pipe and related products.Regarding the Regarding the drill bits,we can supply the Sizes range from 6 ” to 26 “with a large selection of both new and used Rock bits, and matrix bodied PDC drill bits which service drilling operation.We aslo buy great quantity of scrap PDC and TCI drill bits worldwide , pls contact us if you have access to scrapdrill bits.


  New Rock bits   Scrap PDC drill bits
 PDC bits   Drill pipe
  Rerun steel tooth bits   Surplus Stabilizers
  Used drill bits stock   Used mud pumps

Our infrastructure is the vital force behind the success of company .We have a high qualified and experienced workforce which is dedicated to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.Being exporters of industrial prodcuts we ensure that our warehousing facilities are in perfect condition for the proper storage of the procured materials.Our infrastructure helps us to meet the exacting requirments and standard of the industry.We satisfy our customers requirments by foreseeing their future demands and our company maintains constant touch with our customers to understand their requirments.


Dear Member’s

For the past few years, Precision Petroleum (OTCBB: PPTO) has been quietly acquiring oil, coal and gas properties right here in America and working to increase production and drill new wells. To date, PPTO has 13 producing wells with plans to drill 10 more plus thousands of acres in Oklahoma and Montana more to explore.

For over 35 years CEO Richard Porterfield has worked in the oil and gas industry locating and extracting oil and making the companies he worked for and their shareholders money. Now he’s on his own and making it for the shareholders of PPTO. He’s already reduced debt and started increasing production. America’s future lies in domestic production and PPTO is on the move… so build a seed position today then sit back and watch PPTO reap the profits in America’s Black Gold.

Richard Porterfield, CEO and President of Precision Petroleum believes that future revenues continue to increase as above and management foresees further reductions of operating costs and continue to rework existing wells and acquiring new acquisition in order to continue the growth of the company. Press Release Source: Precision Petroleum Corporation On Wednesday March 2, 2011

The stock has been under pressure for the last few weeks but never broke its 200sma at $0.04. All the selling has been on low volume. We believe a major bounce from these levels are in the making.

We have notice heavy buzz from Chat Rooms, Message Boards, and Microcap Community Insiders that the company will be announcing big news in the coming week. 
Now is the time to get in before the street!