Direct West Oil & Gas Limited, began as a services supplier for Line Cutting and Slashing in Western Canada. Within a year we began our research and development for Oil Supply.

Our Portfolio is heavily vested in Oil Producers and Pipelines. Our main investment account addresses producers and index spot funds In Canada and with MultiNationals.

If you are interested and seriously have the revenue to buy our registered securities from our Publicly funded shares, All you have to do is Contact Dean Stratton President and CFO of Direct West Oil & Gas Limited Public Trading Account holder. For American investors you can buy via our two federal accounts managed by Investor Relations in New York NY USA. The Corporate paperwork for investment into our companies, accounts, jurisdictions and legal registrations in Canada and the United States of America.

Share Purchasing for our Redemption Class stock is 9,000,000,000 total volume. It is regulated by the World Trade Organisation and open to trade at the Redemption value of $100.00 CDN/Share, issue to Redeemer duly signed by issued subscriber. Direct West Oil & Gas Limited.Class C

Currently incorporated Federally in Canada. As well, incorporated in Ontario Canada.

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