Sivakumar Kannappan





Antiknock principle of CMT

Similar to the tetraethyl lead,CMT can be decomposed into small particles of active
manganese oxides,owing to their facial function,these small particles effectively incorporate with those super oxides already existed in the engine,which reduces the concentration of the super oxides before combustion,meanwhile cuts a part of chain reactions,then delays the automatic lighting time,reduces the burning speed,and strengthens the explosive resistant characters of the gasoline
3.Functions of CMT
(1).Boost the octane number of gasoline
(2).Increase engine driving power, decrease its oil consumption
(3).Better soluble abilities with MTBE and ethanol
(4).Reduce disposal of pollutants in automobile tail gas
(5).Improve on function to the waste gas cat of the automobile
(6).Improve operating of oil refining
(7).Increase the flexibility of the gasoline concoction
(8).Have better light stability
4.The CMT product storage,transports and usage
Packed in 50kg iron pail,50 kg/pail or as required
(2)The storage request
  A.Storage at cool,dry and ventilation conditions,far away from the fire source

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